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Seibu Kaihatsu Nosan in Japanese means a farming corporation from agriculture land development through agricultural production of western area in Iwate prefecture in English. Our company is the Japanese largest farming corporation. We are located in Kitakami city, Iwate Prefecture. We mainly produce rice,  wheat, soybean, buckwheat, vegetables and Japanese-produced beef.

Basic Principle

"Earth to Table" This concept represents a figure which we aim.

We expressed the concept to deliver our safe foods to customers from the earth to the table in a reassuring way.

It is to realize it by way of fulfillment of our four commitments, prevent increase of deserted cultivated land, support for cultivation farming families, stable food supply, development of human resources.


We protect local farming lands.


We support for cultivation farming families.


We secure a constant and safe supply of food for customers.


We raise our employees so well.

Good farm products from good farms

Good crops are produced from good farms. Our company obtained JGAP certification as domestic management of agricultural production process in March 2017.   This qualification is given to the farms to produce safe and reassuring foods in an eco-friendly way. We have become a trusted resource of agricultural products from customers by the qualifications.


World Quality Ingredients from Iwate Japan


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News Release

2018/4/26 Our website has been renewed.



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